On December 11 and 12, the premiere of "Dilemma" will take place at 19:00 pm at the Hamazgayin Theatre after Sos Sarsgyan.

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Hamazgayin State Theatre to be named after Sos Sargsyan
In 1991, the USSR's People's Artist Sos Sargsyan founded Hamazgayin State Theater. Dispute those difficult years, Sargsyan spared all of his energy and hard working to creating the theatre. Sos Sargsyan lead the theatre until his last day and ensured the operations reached their creative potential while achieving new successes for the theatre. Today, the theatre's creative staff follows Sargsyan's traditions, preserving and developing ideas while maintaining creative approaches under Sargsyan's ideals. On October 22, 2015 the Government of the Republic of Armenia N 1215-N was named the Hamazgayin State Theatre of the Sos Sargsyan.
Sos Sargsyan Theater Studio
On October 2015, Hamazgayin Theatrе started the "Sos Sargsyan Theatrе Studio," where students receive professional education with subjects in acting, speech, dance, and music. The studio also organizes master classes with the participation of the Armenian and foreign artists.
Hamazgayin Theatrе to tour in the US and Canada
On February 2015, Hamazgayin Theatrе's tour in the US and Canada was the largest tour in the theatrе's history. The tours were conducted by the Hamazgayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society. Los Angeles and San Francisco cities held performances of "Shkhonts Mihran," "Under 44 Degrees," "Salvation Island," and "The Best Home." In total, four thousand audience members attended the 12 performances. "Salvation Island" and "Under 44 Degrees" were performed in Toronto and Montreal as well.