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  • 2015Achievements
    The theatre was named after Sos Sargsyan. The theatre had a significant tour in USA and Canada.
  • 2014Premieres
    This year was marked by newly staged performances, such as "Hamlet" by Shakespeare, "Lyu-Boeuf" by Daniil Harms, "Jack-Pot" by Ray Cooney and "Artavazd Shidar" by Gurgen Khanjyan.
  • 2013Success
    The troupe had a theatre tour in Lebanon and USA. The premiere of "Uncle Vanya" (Anton Chekhov) took place.
  • 2012Prеmiere
    "The Bread Problem" by Perch Proshyan was staged.
  • 2011Premieres / Tours
    Four new performances were staged: "Sale" by Vigen Stepanyan, "Blaise" by Claude Magnier, "The Dawn will Come" by Karine Khodikyan, "A Cup of Kindness" by William Saroyan. The theatre group had tours in Lebanon and Russia.
  • 2010News
    Three premiers that took place were "Carmen or Chinese Wall" (R. Hovsepyan), "The Threepenny Opera" (B. Brekht) and "Station" (H. Matevosyan). There was a theatre tour in Russia.
  • 2009Premieres
    "The Dragon" (Evgeny Schwartz), "Jokes by Chekhov" (Anton Chekhov) and "An Amazing Fairy-Tale" (S. Harutyunyan) were staged.
  • 2008Achievements
    In this year "Salvation Island" was staged, based on the play "The Oyster and the Pearl" by William Saroyan. The performance got "Artavazd" prize of the Theatre Workers' Union of Armenia.
  • 2007Prеmiere
    A new performance, "Poor Petros" by Sos Sargsyan, was staged.
  • 2006Premieres
    The performances "Christmas at the Cupiello's" (Eduardo De Filippo), "Les Caprices de Marianne" (Alfred de Musset) and "Bitch" (A. R. Gurney) were staged.
  • 2005Premieres
    Several new performances were staged at the theatre, "The Romantics" (Edmond Rostand), "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (Astghik Simonyan), "Shkhonts Mihran" (Mkrtich Kheranyan) and "Ah, Women, Women" (Robert Lamoureux) among those.
  • 2004News
    The troupe had a tour in Lebanon and France. The performances "Lighting Candles" (A. Haykazyan) and "New Year Stir" (R. Tsaturyan) were staged.
  • 2003Premieres
    "Under 44 Degrees" (A. SImonyan), "Trap" and "The Snow Queen" (E. Schwartz) were staged.
  • 2001Success
    The performance "Maybe We Will Survive" took part in Tehran International Theatre Festival and got Grand Prix.
  • 2000Premieres / Tours
    The theatre participated in "Social Theatre" international festival that took place in France and Belgium.
  • 1998Premieres
    "Tartuffe" by Moliere and "The Wonder of Love" by Gurgen Mahari were stage.
  • 1997Achievements
    The performances "The Poem of Our Childhood" (Hovh. Toumanyan) and "In This Diverse World" (Ed. Zorikyan) were staged. The troupe had a theatre tour in Iran.
  • 1996Prеmiere
    "King Lear" by William Shakespeare was staged.
  • 1995Premieres
    "Out at Sea" by Slawomir Mrozek and "Oscar" by Claude Magnier were staged.
  • 1994Success
    Three new performances, "A Cup of Kindness" (W. Saroyan), "Passionate Lover in the Bed" (N. Simon) and "The Lie of the Lie" (Hovh. Tumanyan), were staged. The theatre had a tour in several cities of Lebanon and Syria.
  • 1993The First Performances
    "The Mayor of Sanita" (Ed. De Filippo), "Mountainous Tulips" (K. Hakobyan), "We" (Ler Kamsar), "Lazy Houri" (Hovh. Tumanyan) were the first performances to be staged at Hamazgayin Theatre.
  • 1991Establishment
    Sos Sargsyan established Hamazgayin Theatre.
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